Scent Branding Works!

Within seconds of your customer or guests walking through the door, they’ve already formed an opinion of you, whether good or bad. Using scent marketing as a tool can play a vital role in helping create a positive impression of your brand.

Scent marketing is the best-kept secret of many large companies and the most neglected tool in marketing. That’s because no other sense is as powerful as our emotions and recall as our sense of smell.

Prelam successfully brings you this effective tool to add to your marketing strategy. And best of all, we have affordable solutions for all companies!

1. Calming

Relaxing, soothing aromas to center your mind and body

2. Exotic

Experience a luxurious tropical getaway with one breath

3. Fresh

Take a deep cleansing breath of crisp sunlit morning air

4. Fun

Relive your childhood with the fruity smells of mouth-watering nostalgia


5. Inviting

Bring the outdoors indoors with our warm and sensual fragrances

6. Uplifting

Stimulate your senses with invigorating scents that waking up the mind

7. Welcoming

Delicious fragrances that are inspired by the comforting scents of home-baked goodies

8. Romantic

The sweet floral scent of springtime evokes nostalgic memories

Fragrance Families

Prelam offers unique fragrances and custom blends, designed for maximum performance and aroma quality. We’ll put scent marketing to work for you by helping you select a fragrance that’s best suited for your customers and your environment.

With hundreds of fragrances to choose from and eight themes to work with, Prelam can help you select the right fragrance for your brand and an aromatic atmosphere your customers won’t soon forget!

Whatever your business, from hospitality or daycare to retail or eatery, we offer fragrances that will compliment your business and put the finishing touch on your brand’s identity.


Have a look at a sampling of our stock fragrances. You’ll find one featured from each fragrance family. Ask your sales representative for a complete list of our quality fragrances, or visit us online.

FRUITY: Berry Burst

Wild cherry and cranberry blend. Top notes: black cherry, tropical fruit. Middle notes: cranberry and pearberry. Base notes: warm florals, vanilla undertone.

FRESH: Refreshing Citrus

Fresh, natural orange. Top notes: sweet orange zest, fresh key lime twist. Middle notes: red grapefruit, sweet floral. Base notes: bergamot, orange pith.

FLORAL: Crisp Linen

Clean and fresh. Top notes: apple, lavender. Middle notes: rose, violet. Base notes: jasmine, patchouli, musk.


Blend of peppermint and spearmint. Top notes: cooling, minty. Middle notes: sweet peppermint, spearmint leaves. Base notes: soft and green florals.

WOODY: Winter Woods Evergreen with a floral twist.

Top notes: pine needles, citrus zest. Middle notes: orange zest, eucalyptus. Base notes: patchouli and earthy balsam.

OTHER: Pumpkin Spice

Buttery, fragrant spices. Top notes: nuances of jasmine. Middle notes: Sweet, juicy, floral Base notes: vanilla undertones.

An unforgettable brand experience

Prelam fragrance’s works on three levels: Top Notes create the initial impression of the fragrance; Middle Notes create the main theme; and Base Notes bring depth and solidify the fragrance. With six families and a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, there’s one to fit your brand, space, and theme.